Below view a selection of websites I have designed and developed. Click an image below to see the design larger. Click on the website url to view the actual website in a new tab or window.

Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Donna Jackson Nakazawa is an award winning researcher, writer and public speaker on health and family issues. Visit donnajacksonnakazawa.com

Lynne Olson

Lynne Olson is a New York Times bestselling author of eight books of history, most of which deal in some way with World War II and Britain’s crucial role in that conflict. Visit www.lynneolson.com

Maura Conlon-McIvor

Maura’s website was built to showcase her work as an author, producer, and consultant. Visit www.mauraconlon.com

Sheila Willams

Sheila is the author of “Dancing on the Edge of the Roof”, which was recently made into a Netflix film called Juanita, directed by Clark Johnson from a screenplay by Roderick Spencer and starring Alfre Woodard and Blair Underwood. Visit www.sheilajwilliams.com

The Biker Book for Charity

A website for the book “The Meaning of Life According to Bikers: The Biker Book for Charity” by author Louise Lewis, where Motorcycle riders from all walks of life ― from Main Street to Wall Street, Hollywood to Washington, D.C.― are invited to peel…

Dr. Mrna Shure / Thinking Child

This website was designed & developed for Dr. Myna Shure, author and coauthor of six books, the I Can Problem Solve curriculum guides for preschool through grade six for use in schools, and numerous book chapters and journal articles. Visit the website at www.thinkingpreteen.com.

Elizabeth Crook

Elizabeth Crook is an American novelist specializing in historical fiction. Her most recent book, is “The Which Way Tree”. Visit elizabethcrookbooks.com

Seidler Chemical

Seidler Chemical, a family owned and managed business, has been offering their services for over 120 years. Visit www.seidlerchem.com

Rise Line Business Credit

Rise Line Business Credit, a nationwide specialized non-bank lender formed by a team of industry veterans, provides debt solutions to clients throughout the U.S. Headquartered in New York City. Visit www.riselinebc.com

Katrina Firlik

Katrina Firlik, author of “Another Day in the Frontal Lobe”, is currently chief medical officer and co-founder of HealthPrize Technologies, an Internet company with a novel approach to medication non-adherence. Visit katrinafirlik.com

Danielle Campisi – NJ Freelance Website Designer & Developer